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This is a list of programs offered at ABM

1- construction skills competency training program
Open to all existing construction workers who are skilled citizens from the age of 18 - 55 years. Skills training is provided using training modules that comply with the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) which is equivalent to international skills standards. Construction workers who successfully complete the training will be given a CIDB Skills Competency Certificate which confirms their skills
2 - construction skills competency assessment program
This evaluation program is designed to test the existing construction workforce on their competence in their current scope of work and / or area of expertise. It is intended to ensure that the workforce from all industries is skilled to meet the rapidly changing demands and increasingly sophisticated technology, as required by Act 520.
CIDB has stipulated that all construction work that requires skills must be carried out by skilled construction workers. It is in line with the requirements of Act 520, which is according to Section 33A, all skilled construction workers must obtain accreditation and certification from CIDB before carrying out a construction work that requires skills. As such, CIDB also organizes skills assessment programs in all six ABMs.
To undergo a skills assessment, construction workers need to register at the nearest CIDB or ABM offices. After that, construction workers have to take skills tests at designated locations.
3- Customized program
Akademi Binaan Malaysia is able to conduct various training programs according to the specific needs and specifications of individual contractors at the appropriate place and time to ensure continuous improvement of relevant skills as required by the Malaysian Construction Industry.

-The program is tailored to the needs of the customer
-Special program refers to the design of special programs according to customer requirements
-Skills measurement or official permission or recognition is given to all existing local and foreign construction skilled workers
-CIDB has stipulated that all construction work using skills must be carried out by skilled workers. To ensure output skills are up to standard

4- Construction site safety induction program
This is an integrated program that involves the registration and accreditation of Construction Personnel to increase the level of safety at construction work sites.
5- CCP & CPD programs
Construction Certification Program (CCP)

The CCP program is aimed at organizations or individuals who want to improve their skills & enhance competencies in construction courses. Each participant will receive CCD points & Certificate of Achievement from CIDB Malaysia.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD program is aimed at organizations or individuals who want to improve their skills & gain knowledge in construction courses. Each participant will receive CCD points & Certificate of Achievement from ABM.

6- Construction industry apprenticeship program
The Construction Industry Apprenticeship Program is a program developed by CIDB in line with the initiatives under Thrust 3-Productivity based on the Construction Industry Transformation Plan-CITP (2016-2020). The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for apprentices to practice the skills learned in the real world of work with the monitoring and mentoring of an experienced workforce. In implementing this desire, the role of the employer in providing placement for apprentices to start a career as a construction worker is very important to realize the implementation of the Apprenticeship Program.
7 - Entrepreneur program
The program is proposed with the aim of producing knowledgeable and competent skilled entrepreneurs in the aspects of business management and comprehensive skills training, further recognizing the target group with competent certification. This in turn, can increase the value of professionalism and efficiency at the construction site.

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