About Us

To be a leader in human resource development for the construction industry.

Akademi binaan Malaysia is a company incorporated on 18 June 1998 under the companies act 1965. Previously it was known as akademi binaan Malaysia (perak) sdn. Bhd. and changed its name to the Malaysian construction academy (north) sdn. Bhd on 10 Feb 2001 or better known as ABM Utara.

Malaysian Construction Academy (north) sdn.bhd. is a subsidiary of CIDB Holding sdn.bhd which is wholly owned by CIDB Malaysia. Prior to the opening of the campus in Sintok, ABM Utara started operating on a temporary site located at Lot 1687, Bandar darul aman, jitra kedah. The opening of the ABM North campus in Sintok was in January 2007.

The Malaysian Construction Academy is a Training and Accreditation Agency of CIDB (Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board) which is responsible for the national construction industry to train and produce skilled manpower equipped with appropriate skills, standards, competencies, quality, and productivity.

ABM Utara is a body entrusted by the government to develop the country’s construction industry, and in line with the provisions of act 520, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia to enhance the country’s human resource development skills so that they can contribute towards increasing the competitiveness of the industry future.

The goal of the establishment of the Akademi Binaan Malaysia

  • To produce more skilled local construction workers
    and semi-skilled in order to reduce dependence
    country to foreign labor.
  • Provide more construction skills courses
    organized and recognized, conducted by instructors
    highly experienced and trained professionals.
  • To produce a productive, productive construction workforce
    safety awareness, quality-oriented and efficient
    to meet the needs of the growing construction industry
    rapidly changing.
  • Provide opportunities for construction workers to
    improve their skill level from
    from time to time.
  • Support the construction industry to achieve competitiveness
    by providing the construction workforce that has
    appropriate skill level for handling technology
    increasingly sophisticated construction.
  • Develop and pioneer manpower export routes
    specialists trained to carry out construction work
  • Conduct skills accreditation programs.

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